KF World Teams ~ Team Training Packing List


2 KF tees/tanks plus leggings (For Wed/Thurs)

2 pairs of black leggings (for Fri/Sat)

Extra outfit for Sunday

Sports bras (5)

Practice salsa heels

Hoodie/Cardigan- Something to keep you warm before/after dancing

Note: Remember that you’ll receive a KF water bottle and tote when you check in!


Costumes- Tribute (with hat), Rock Steady, and others if needed

Fishnet tights (plus 1 extra pair)

Nude colored thong/panty (mandatory!)

Black and/or nude strapless bra (depending on your costume)

Performance shoes (must be nude colored heels)

Shoe brush & castor oil

Double sided tape

Safety pins/small sewing kit

Bobby pins/hair ties

Hairspray and gel

Curling iron

Bronzer (for body and face)

Baby wipes (good for cleaning up after the body bronzer)

Fake eyelashes (Ardell #105- we’ll include 1 pair in your gift bag!)

Lash glue

Red lipstick

Performance earrings (if this is your first KF team training, you’ll receive these in your gift bag!)

Sweats or robe to wear backstage plus slip-on shoes

Sharpie or pen- Write your name inside of each piece of your costume - this is important!


Thursday night outfit for pre-party (optional)

Friday night outfit- White

Saturday night outfit- Red

Sunday night outfit- Black Game On tee with light colored denim jeans

Dance shoes/heels